Grow up in Exile (II)

From:Voice of Longquan     Author:Xian Bo     Time:2018-01-15 14:33:26
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Abstract: A Dharma sister witnessed the great changes that happened during the construction of the Longquan Monastery, and expressed her joy and gratitude at coming back once more to the home of the monastery.

More miraculously, various scents of flowers tended to waft here and there as we walked through the Golden-dragon Bridge; the dishwater always emitted a faint scent when we aspired to wash bowls; and some peculiar fragrance would greet us as we went across the Lotus Flower road. I paused to look around and observed carefully, but found no flowers around me. And then I breathed in deeply and savored it that was just like the miraflor in front of the Five-view Hall gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. 

With great joy and gratitude, I came to the studio of the English Team — Room 305 in the Sanhui Hall, where I could hardly see a familiar face but found it very peaceful and harmonious. Everybody here was immersed in doing things so as to accumulate merits for further study. Sister JL was always easy-going and gentle while speaking, for fear that others around her would be disturbed; Sister JY tended to be firm and vigorous, coming straight to the point without the slightest hesitation; Sister FF was steady and studious with pure-heartedness; Sister CL cute but sincere, joyous but determined; Brother ZG mild but calm, meticulous but thoughtful; Brother ZY a changeable initiator with now baby’s joy and then senior’s solemnity; Sister XL very kind and magnanimous, not punctilious but considerate; Sister XQ soft and understanding; Sister LJ calm and steadfast......Under the guidance of Master Xianqing, such a pure, harmonious and progressive team seems to do things endlessly, and everybody here always looks that busy but joyous. Later on, I came to realize that each word and each thing in the monastery are the manifestation of Dharma practice. If we focus our attention in a proper way, we will attain the joy of Dharma; if not, we’ll be at a loss.

When I came back to Longquan Monastery on this occasion, I found myself settled down to reflect on the years of journey of my own heart, and gradually recognized my own faults and afflictions but still had no solutions to problems. And then with perplexity, I began to circumambulate the pagoda in the monastery, continually praying, confessing and vowing in the hope for getting out of bitterness and attaining bliss for the benefit of all living beings. When I attended morning and evening chanting and made prostration at noon every day, I tended to burst into tears for being sorrowful of suffering, or delightful in Dharma, or full of gratitude, or moved by resonation. Just as I didn’t know what to do in the studio, Sister XL tenderly drew me to a group of proofreading the recitation ofThe Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment, and guided me to studyThe Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism; Sister MG introduced me to join the fourth group of readingStories of Ven. Master Xuecheng, constantly gave me reminders and encouragement, though younger, showing her loving care as an old sister. Sister XL made up her mind and took the lead in setting up English courses in the morning, which not only improved our study of language, but also helped us to put our hearts into the Dharma. She set a good example for us to integrate into the group study with her own body, speech, and mind, while teaching us to place cushions, to arrange the assembly room, to change water for the offered flowers in the morning, and to greet students with warm smiles. Actually, all of these trifles are the expression of taking the Dharma to heart, which enables us to feel that we are surrounded with Bodhisattvas’ vow and the purity of body, speech and mind.

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