Grow up in Exile (I)

From:Voice of Longquan     Author:Xian Bo     Time:2018-01-08 00:15:48
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A Dharma sister witnessed the great changes that happened during the construction of the Longquan Monastery, and expressed her joy and gratitude at coming back once more to the home of the monastery.

When I stepped into Beijing longquan Monastery again in July, 2017 with great joy and gratitude, I was surprised at the new look coming into my view: the grand majestic Sanhui Hall (Hall of the Three Wisdoms) erecting on the hillside right beside the gate of the monastery, where it used to be a wasteland dotted with some flowers or vegetables three years ago. And the building of a new Precept Platform was under construction just two years ago. At that time we even saw double rainbows as we engaged in laboring for sealing the top of the Precept Platform. Looking back on monks and laymen engrossed in doing things on the barren wasteland in the past and seeing today’s magnificent hall rising straight up in front, I was so moved that I couldn’t help shedding tears with joyous admiration. All of those scenes are simply the indication of the Dharma practice——Stand highly at the high Peak-lap, practice deeply at the deep seabed line.

Coming back once more to the home of Longquan Monastery, I found it was so familiar but so fresh, so ordinary but so amazing. Many more people appear in the new building, wearing a bright sweet smile on their faces just as that of old friends. The Golden Dragon Bridge and the millennium ginkgo tree stand still as before. Masters and Venerables come in and go out now and then. Warm considerations are transmitted from heart to heart. Boundless experiences of the Dharma Assemblies are still wondrous. Everything is ordinary but naturally in order, and everybody has something to do, do something that is suitable, hear some words that are beneficial, and learn the Dharma that can be practiced. I seemed to go back to my childhood full of happiness, cleaning things by the brook and picking up stones on the bank of river to mend up the cracks of the stonewalls. I got the honor of learning from senior Bodhisattavas to mix sands and cement, set up ladders, string peach beads, push and pull trolleys, and point cement on stone walls. Moreover, it is so pleasant for me to integrate into the community by attending morning and evening chanting, prostrating, listening instructions, contemplating them, laboring under the sunshine, sharing umbrellas and eating monastic food together with fellow practitioners. It has become the most substantial, joyous and grateful experience during my forty-two years of lifetime because I learned to live and be anchored right here and right now.

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