Why does Buddhism attract me?

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Why does Buddhism attract me? To answer this question, a Dharma sister showed us what changes happened in her life after taking refuge in Buddhism.

Why does Buddhism attract me? To answer this question, I have a long story to tell. At that time when I met with Buddhism in the autumn of 2013, I was indeed in the deepest valley of life. A middle-aged woman with a nine-year-old naughty boy and a smug husband managed a small yoga gym which was hard to run.  The worst thing was that I had no way to change it even though I tried my best.  Life is cluttered with resultless arguments and boring silence.

Just then Bodhisattva appeared. Maybe the lucky thing is that my husband took refuge in Buddhism and became a Buddhist in 2009. And a Buddhist believer couple who lived upstairs above my little yoga gym came to practice yoga.  Honestly speaking, at that time what they did and talked couldn’t make me believe in Buddhism sincerely. However, deep in my heart, I acknowledged that Buddhism must be good; otherwise it couldn’t exist for such a long time in human history. And I also wanted to choose a religion to believe in, Christianity or Buddhism. Magically, they took me to take refuge in Master Baohan in a condition that I was not well-prepared.
After taking refuge, I didn’t know what to do next. There seemed no difference except that I thought maybe I shouldn’t eat meat anymore. Life still went on like it used to be, arguments or silence.
The change took place in the autumn of 2014.
Another Bodhisattva showed. A student of my husband, who just took refuge in Longquan Monastery, came to visit us and brought some exciting news about Longquan Buddhism Studying Groups (in downtown). He also told us about group instructors and monitors and something else like believers could offer places for the group study. How Wonderful! I hope I could become an instructor and offer my gym for the group study. 
Thereafter, I joined the group willingly and a year later I became an instructor. And our yoga gym is the place for our group study.
I was truly and deeply fascinated by the Dharma’s charm when I first visited Longquan Monastery and listened to the instruction about Buddhism given by Master Xianshu. What impressed me most was what he said, “Do you want to be suffering? If not, please stop trying to change others, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.”
That’s the story that how I fell in love with Buddhism and Longquan Monastery.
Why does Buddhism attract me? To sum up, I would like to use some sentences “If I had not ….”.
 If I hadn’t met with Buddhism, I wouldn’t do  things joyfully, such as cooking , washing, and other everyday housework, without complaining  with some words, such like why I should do the chores all by myself.
If I hadn’t met with Buddhism, I would still be worried and anxious about my son’s study and future, I would be upset and disappointed about my husband’s words and actions. 
If I hadn’t met with Buddhism, I wouldn’t stay up late and get up early just in order to finish this composition despite of my poor English. And I want to do it, because it is a good way to deal with my laziness. 
With the instruction of Buddhism, something good happened. Each person I met meant a lot to me. They appeared in my life to help to create a better me. They are like mirrors, and all I need to do is to look into the mirror and behave myself correctly.
That’s why Buddhism attracts me. 
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