Close Contact with the Sangha of Longquan Monastery (III)

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It was so impressive how the experts and translators understood and do translation. The volunteers’ unselfish powerful contributions also made me touched and ashamed. But the really shocking part was the manner and spirit of the youngest members of the Sangha, which overwhelmed me completely. During these days, I benefited so much that I wished to share my journey. I hope my report would benefit all the friends who are curious or care about Longquan monastery.

Day 3 Oct 2 Never been busy like this

From this day, I began to follow others to have morning classes – woke up at 3:30 and chanted the sutra at 4:30. After breakfast, time for walking meditation if I wasn’t that busy. The rhythm kept the same the following days.

The dharma talk in the morning came from Ven. Xiandian. He played a 1992 documentary for all participants, which recorded Master Xuecheng’s interview then. He was a 25-year-old Abbot of Guanghua Monastery, demonstrating a remarkable character. After the documentary, Ven. Xiandian shared a word from Shifu: I would like to go forward with you, until forever. He also told his story which made almost everyone cry. It inspired me that if someone produced a series of interviews about these young Chinese Venerables’ journey, it would be definitely have a phenomenal impact. At last, the Venerable told some secrets to get rid of difficulties – take refuge, pray, confess, and vow. 

After noon, so busy. I never heard of an opening ceremony that was to be held the next day, but much important preparation was still uncertain or changing so much today. Impermanence could occur any time. Your mind had to be tamed. You’d better choose to have a free mind, otherwise your afflictions may come side by side. What’s more fatal was that originally I arranged other MCs to do the job, but our big boss Ven. Xianqing asked me to do it. Not a bit exaggerating, I was too busy to go to the bathroom. Every time I had to go somewhere, I ran not walked. Just half an hour before I went to bed, the final confirmation ended.

I thought it’s true that you would be really blessed by the three jewels of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha when you worked and lived in a pure monastery. Whatever happened, I was so happy and felt everyone was so kind, joyful and bloody cooperative. Before I went to sleep, I never expect that I would be persuaded not to be lazy and get up for the morning class by my foreign roommate. 

Day 4 Oct 3 Mind to Mind

The theme of this year’s translators’ conference was “Mind to Mind”. There came more than 20 high-level guests of honor and diverse talented volunteers, mainly from the UK, US and China. Longquan Monastery has only been operating for just 12 years old as a modern monastery, although it had a history of over 1000 years. All the influence it had nowadays was fundamentally thanks to Master Xuecheng. More and more young capable volunteers from all walks of life came here to learn and help. It was so worthy of compliments that it could hold such a great international forum and conference. This development speed is not a bit slower than that of China’s economy.

As we wrote in our host script: “Internationalization has been a grand mission of Beijing Longquan Monastery. As Longquan gains more international recognition, it is increasingly more important to have a voice in the global community, the voice of Chinese Buddhism. The translation work that we are part of, serves as the bridge to cross-cultural communications, the media to introduce Chinese Traditional Culture as well as means to transmit Buddhism culture. Our translation team is at the core of such mission. Let the world understand China; Let the international community get to know Buddhism; and let the supreme wisdom and loving compassion of Buddhism benefit people all over the globe. This is our shared vision. ”

Longquan Chanyee Translation platform ( & Chinese-English Buddhism Dictionary project officially launched; the junior class for overseas transmission of Buddhism just closed, and the senior class was going to open……The enterprise of translation and dharma spreading has just began! Being lucky enough to be a part of this marvelous business, so I felt like I was burning with excitement! I suppose this kind of passion granted me richness and confidence to host this opening ceremony. And I was proud to be flattered by many people including the former Chinese ambassador to Germany and Holland. I was very delighted not to lose Longquan Monastery’s face.

In the evening, from 6:00-10:00, all the big assembly’s over 1000 attendants joined the “Yoga Flaming Mouth Ceremony”, which is also calledFeeding the Flaming Mouth orFood Bestowing Ceremony, where we offer sacrifices to the hungry ghost king. It is generally held at dusk on the day when the significant Buddhist ceremony is fulfilled or during the funeral. And this ceremony is also the only assembly which preserves the unbroken rite of Chinese Esoteric tradition. 

It was my first time to watch an assembly led by over-one-hundred monastics. Viewing such young pure group walking with serenity, the enormous kindness was aroused from the bottom of my heart by this kind of pure and free energy. The most touching part for me was releasing the baby aborted from purgatory. It seemed that I could clearly witness all the suffering in this world, all at once. At that time I prayed all the sentient beings would have a joyful life and could get a chance to practice the dharma in this life or the next life. This solemn and supreme assembly also moved Sebastian who had been annoyed by many temple rules and prohibitions. I felt his comments were bravo: “This was so great! Really great! I was sure that this hardly existed in other places all over the world. Those monks were totally of no self. Their energy was so pure and clean. Although I couldn’t understand even one sutra they chanted, it was so unbelievable, so great! "

The great assembly lasted for exactly four hours and the leading MCs of sangha had been chanting and singing for fully four hours. What a concert! It reminded me of some pop singers being asked “what is your dream” onstage. I sincerely wished them to attend this ceremony, for maybe they would find their true dream after.

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