Coming home (II)

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What is a full-time volunteer’s life like in the Longquan Monastery? Are you curious about this? A Dharma sister shared her experiences of being full-time volunteer in the English team of Longquan Monastery. Thanks for her firsthand and sincere records.


In the morning when I decided to quit my job, I posted on Douban: “On my way to work, it suddenly occurred to me that, “If I am fired or if I quit, what would I do in the future?” I guessed I would spend my day in the National Library or enjoy the dozens of novels in the spacious classrooms of Beijing Normal University.”
Yes. Even on THAT day, I never truly determined to resign and go to the Monastery. 
However, the truth is, I resigned, which was a bit abrupt but also long-planned in my mind. 
Directors, managers, the HR department… It took me about three days to finish all the procedures. I was required to finish some other classes, which would be my responsibility after my return from the Monastery. When I left, I brought several boxes of books, which I rarely read before. The thing I would miss the most about this job would be the rows of book shelves and a bunch of book lovers.
On the second day after my resignation, I sent WeChat messages to my Dharma friend Xueling, telling her that I would like to make a try of living in the Monastery for about fifteen days. Things went amazingly smooth. I wrote my resume and submitted it to the Master, and a plan was made after that. I felt delighted, however a little worried.
In the midnight of the third day, I woke up with panic. I was not sure why I did all this, and somehow I seemed to fall into an unsecured lifestyle – I didn’t know how to explain to my family. I sent WeChat messages to Xueling: “I feel scared.” Afterwards, I turned on cellphone and begin to listen toVimalakirti Sutra from Yeman via Himalaya App. Mr. Ye’s bright and firm voice calmed me down in the darkness. Gradually, I fell asleep. When I woke up, I saw messages from Xueling. She said, “Don’t be afraid. Your determination must have its cause. Everything will get better. You should come and join us as soon as possible, as there are lots of work waiting for us.”

Yes, at that moment, I was suddenly enlightened. I got up, packed a small bundle and ran to the station where subways took me to the sweet Longquan Monastery!

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