The editing work supporting the Symposium on Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism

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A Dharma sister shared her stories in the cooperation with Longquan translation team for the editing work supporting the Symposium on Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism. She was touched by the team work and impressed by the deep faith and responsibility of the team members.

 It is my privilege to undertake the editing work supporting the symposium on Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism held at the Po Lin Temple. My heart has also been filled with profound gratitude to the venerables. On Thursday morning, when I saw the information at 5 am that Ven. Xianqing was looking for volunteers for some translation work, my first thought was that it must be urgent and I had to answer the call. I jumped immediately from bed and signed up. It was time to use my skills that have been trained for years. 



Pretty soon, Ven. Master Xianqing assigned specific translation tasks to all members, and we soon knuckled down to the work. With more and more Dharma friends from our online study group joining us, I was greatly touched. Many Dharma friends have work to do on workdays and some Dharma friends living abroad are in different time zones, but they all rushed to the assignments when hearing the news. This made me more confident on the translation reserves of the Longquan monastery.  

The subsequent cooperation came with more surprises and encouragements. In this quickly formed temporary translation team of about 20 members, everyone would undertake the tasks as soon as the translation documents were transferred from the on-site translator. After the hard work from the whole workday, Ven. Master Xianqing assigned two documents that would be needed the next morning. Having said that, the team members felt incumbent to take on the task, among which a Dharma friend kept searching relevant materials till early next morning in an attempt to make the translation of the last slide of the PPT perfect. Apart from that, Dharma sister Weilin, who was in the US, worried that working too late into the night would affect our next day’s work. She told us that we don’t have to work overtime and that she would pick up from where we left off and do the proofreading and typesetting. Her words were simple but carried responsibility, making us relieved. Dharma sister Yali also encouraged every one of us to hand in the translation work in time and coordinated the whole team during her meeting breaks.



Daunted by the professional translation of the others, some colleagues on the team dare not make their own contribution. However, they soon adjusted their attitude and required to work on other supporting work. I was touched.

Our team was formed in a really short time and without any preparation. Behind this were the deep faith and responsibility we have for our venerable shifu and our Longquan monastery and for the cause of Buddhism. The attitude of this team is definitely distinct from that of the people for their mundane work and ordinary cooperation. This must be the real reason behind the difference.

I am so grateful that Ven. Master Xianqing provided us with such an extraordinary translation opportunity. He passed on to us in a simultaneous way what was going on at the meeting, making us feel involved and assured. I appreciate our efficient and strong team! I believe that our team will move, further on the way to a more professional and standard team.

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