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A Dharma brother who is responsible for the reception work in the Longquan Monastery shared her experience and inspirations through her undertaking.

The reception work has been finished, but it left great impressions on my mind and would guide me to go forward.

Firstly I’d like to share is that I felt the power of team spirit. We, the reception team of four people (including two interpreters---Lan and Yang, Dharma friend Ming Yang and I), never expected our guests to stay at the Longquan Monastery more than half an hour. Back then, I was cleaning the mat when I got the news of their coming. There were five people in the guest group. One of them was French. After we greeted each other, we began to chat. At first, I was a little bit worried. How should I strike up the conversation? Did I have to talk to the five at the same time, and the interpreters could do their job conveniently? Luckily, Lan said she could just talk to the French, so I chat with the others in Chinese. Great idea, wasn’t it? Lan went to talk with her partner, Ming Yang with one lady, Yang with two men and I with the senior Chinese. Perfect match and everything went well! At that moment, I was so grateful to my team members, because what they did made me feel warm inside and they helped a lot to relieve my stress.

In addition, the guests needed to fill out a paper application before they took refuge to the Three Jewels. Five people, five applications, but someone we met on the road wanted to take refuge too. We did not have extra forms, and at that time I had to stay with the guests. Another Dharma brother Xue Ling asked Ming Yang to help me get a new application. Finally, they could all together go to Jianxing Hall to have the ceremony. Team work moved me once again.

The last story about the reception I want to share is that when we got to the Heart-Earth Organic Farm, a volunteer there made some fresh mint tea for all of us and put the teapot on the benches we sat. She greeted all of us with a big smile on her face. I could tell everyone was happy and expressed appreciation to her. She did do me a big favor, because it was I who should made tea for the guests.

Secondly, there are lots of lessons I need to draw. I was not considerate. I forgot to prepare drinking water for them and learned that they were thirsty. So we stayed at the library for a while to have some red tea there. Also, when something unexpected happened, I called Xue Ling a few times to ask for her opinions. Apparently, I lack reception experience. So, I will learn rich experiences from my Dharma brothers in the near future and work hard on it.

Thirdly, Master Xian Qing had a nice talk with us at Room 305. The French asked: “In Japanese Chan, it is said if you want to learn something new, you will have to forget what you have already learned. Does Longquan Monastery have the same idea?” Master Xian Qing gave him a very practical answer. He said: “Yes, Benefiting others is the core idea of Chinese Chan. Only based on this thought, can one forget self and reach no self. Sitting meditation is not the only way to realize emptiness. Actually, it can be realized by many different actions, like undertaking, walking, standing, and sitting, even by drawing water and cutting firewood. For human beings, emptiness can be felt through different relations, for example, through parent-child, teacher-student, and leader-subordinate relationships. All these relations can help others and befit them. A Chan Master said that if you feel hot, then you need to go to an even hotter place; if you feel cold, then a colder place will be good for you. So what you need to do is to face up to the difficulties and unpleasant surroundings, and do not try to escape and flee from them.

To sum up, I really thank everyone around me, the valuable experience and Master Xian Qing’s wonderful answer. I will do my best to try everything new and challenge myself.


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