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A dharma brother in editing team of Longquan Monastery’s English website shared feelings about the group during their collaboration and communication.

I knew of the Longquan Monastery before it was restored. My work often took me past the Monastery site where I would notice the four Chinese characters for the Buddha Amitabha in the distance.  I was sure there was a Monastery there and decided to investigate when the opportunity arose. 

I eventually came into contact with Longquan Monastery in 2016 through a classmate and quickly joined a study group in town. This then led to me joining the Monastery’s English website editing team. Through working with this team of dharma brothers I noticed feelings arise that helped temper our resolve.

Recently on social media I watched the website dharma brothers debating the usage of certain English words. Their dedication and passion touched me deeply and I admired their approach. Arguments were put forward for various translations and a selection was eventually made but in the end the outcome didn’t seem as important as the process.  Through this work we not only developed our minds but were also able to apply aspects of the dharma in our work and day to day lives.  This type of ongoing training helps us improve our lives and enables us to continually refine our minds.

I was touched by the depth and wisdom of this group. Through collaborative thinking problems were turned into solutions and new ways of thinking were explored. By working together, in a relatively short time, we could translate the subtle Chinese text into English and communicate the deeper meaning. In the same way the Sangha is indispensable in providing us with strength and support on our journey. I appreciate the value of my dharma brothers and hope that together we deepen our study of the dharma and help spread the Buddha’s teachings throughout the world.


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