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The article tells about the merits of water, and the author gained inspiration from water.

As an old saying goes, the greatest goodness can be found in water because it benefits everything with a selfless and broad heart. When talking about water, you may consider it as one of the most common substances in this universe which manifests itself in many different forms. When you feel thirsty, it becomes water in the cup; when you need more flavor for the dishes, it becomes vinegar or soy sauce in the kitchen; when you feel sweltry, it becomes rain to help you get rid of the scorching heat; when you take your pulse, you will feel the flowing of blood and body fluids moves throughout your whole body, which keeps you alive. Water just meets the needs of people, satisfies their demands without any whine, and never asks for payback. She adapts herself to surroundings with a different tact. Though she changes in appearance, we can sense that there is something unchanged underneath, waiting for our discovery and integration with it. In my eyes, water is a symbol of compassion and loving kindness.

Whenever I get a chance to visit the temple, I tend to feel extremely relieved when I have a sitting meditation on the stone by the river. Listening to the happy sound of the flowing river, I become so absorbed in it and gradually forget everything around me. According to the path of Buddhism practice, hearing water sound can serve as a way for absorption development. In this way, many Buddhist practitioners achieve different levels of absorption. I wish I became someone of them in the path toward enlightenment with the help of water sound.

Next comes another merit of water, as stated in a saying which goes like this, “Still waters run deep.” Shallow water always makes a splashing sound while the deep water just flows as if there is no movement at all. This reminds me of how I behaved in the past days. I tended to make a fuss if I had done something good that was tiny and unworthy of being mentioned. Besides, I pretended to look knowledgeable and well-informed because I wanted to gain recognition from others. Day by day, I became someone so fake and disguised that I barely recognized the ”me” I knew. Now it is high time for me to reflect on myself and feel sorry for my wrongdoings. With the aspiration to say farewell to the fake me, I learn to become conservative and behave like a sponge absorbing everything beneficial for my inner growth, just like what deep water will do, flowing without any sound.

There are countless merits of water that I can not describe thoroughly and properly even with my prehistorical power. Then it come to the end of this short article with a question mark——what do you think of water? Would you like to share your valuable views with us? WELCOME!


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