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From:Voice of Longquan     Author:Jiang Xiaofang     Time:2016-11-28 22:53:37
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A piece of tragic news gives me a chance to have an insight of Dharma. Do you have the same questions with the little girl in this article?

Good evening, everyone! I am glad to have this opportunity to share with you my experiences in this wonderful Mid-Autumn festival!

First flash back to March 8, 2014. Wonder how many people still remember that day, but I always do since a piece of tragic news has devastated me on that day! Flight MH370 was missing! Believe or not, my family flew from Malaysia back to Beijing on the same Saturday’s flight just a week before. I still remember the shock when I heard the news, Bang! Just like a lightning to wake me up, or a sword to tear the curtain off my eyes, I suddenly found what I have been pursuing, like fame and wealth, was meaningless vaporizing into thin air, and what I have long questioned about life and death are coming back again!

When I was a little girl, I often pondered over the following questions such as: where do I come from? Where do I go after death? I can’t believe there is nothing left after we die, or I can’t imagine that I will die one day. I can’t accept the fact that the world has already been there before I was born. Those questions might seem silly to you, but they were really what I thought about at that time.

When I grew up, I chased after personal success like most people. I was busy spinning around in the secular world – went to a university, secured a position in a company, got married and had a child, only occasionally would questions about life and death sneak into my mind.

Flight MH370’s missing heavily stroke me! I began to search and read a lot of philosophical books, but found no answer in them. They cannot really alleviate my frustration. Just before that event, a dharma brother often propagated the Dharma around me, but I mainly ignored him. After the tragedy, however, I took the initiative to inquiry him, looking for answers from the Dharma. One night, we discussed almost four hours, and he assured me that an engineer like me can also understand the Dharma. He used his own practice to build up my confidence in Dharma.

I started by reading sutras, but due to my habit of thinking, I enjoyed those focusing on the wisdom likethe Diamond Sutra. I recited the sutra thousands of times but when it came to the verse, “All phenomena are like a dream, an illusion, a bubble and a shadow, like dew and lightning. Thus should you meditate upon them,” I still felt frustrated. If life is like a dream, a mirage or insubstantial object, then for what purpose do we live? Fortunately, I went to Longquan temple to do volunteer work during the APEC, and later on joined the Buddhist learning group, where I have slowly started my path of going for refuge to the Three Jewels.

Special thanks to dharma brother Wang Yanan, who is the lecturer of our Buddhist learning group, who encouraged me to apply for the qualification exam to be an English Lecturer and I passed it successfully this June. During the process of exam preparation, in order to meet the requirements of the listening test and closed book written test, I forced myself to listen to the Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment repetitively. This turned out to be a pleasant surprise when I found that the Great Treatise can guide me the path, through which I can find the answer to my questions about life and death!
I also have gained faith in Venerable Master Ri Chang! I focused on the assignments from him and took responsibilities both on the mountain and down from it, practicing the teachings of Buddha in all kinds of situations to remove my attachments. I am persistent in the Dharma study, contemplation and practice of Buddha's teachings continuously, and little by little I attain deeper understanding of Buddhist dharma, which is more profound than I thought before.

I’m deeply grateful to the Three Jewels, to the Venerable Master, and to the entire team consisting of the teachers, the teachings, and the fellow practitioners, for they have greatly helped me a lot in studying and practicing the teaching of Buddha, meanwhile avoid possible misleading or faults in my self-studying. Step by step I have approached the true meaning of life! If I could go back to the past, I would have aid to tell the confused little girl that you’ve come from the previous life, you will depart to the next life after death, and the meaning of life is to help others and to improve your life so as to make it better than the previous ones!

The last word I’d like to say is, going for refuge to Three Jewels is the most fortunate thing for me! Thank you all!

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