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A Dharma sister expressed her gratitude to fellow practitioners and to the Three Jewels.

Good afternoon, dear Venerable Masters and Dharma Brothers. My name is Kang Mengzhen, and I am in both Beijing Wudaokou group and North America group 2. Thanks to this opportunity, I'd like to share my experience and express my gratitude.


I have spent the first 24 years of my life learning different kinds of knowledge, from elementary school to a national institute, and the next 10 years providing services using my knowledge. It seemed that I had achieved the goals that I had set up for my life, but I always felt frustrated, worried and unhappy, especially during the last few years. I searched for solutions in different books and communities.

In 2013, I made contact with a Buddhist group from the Longquan Temple. I participated in the course twice, and the belief conveyed by the lecturer deeply impressed me. Unfortunately, my job interfered and I eventually lost contact with the group. Nevertheless, thanks to the caring staff, I started listening to the instructions by the Ven. Master Richang on The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment. In May 2014, I attended a Buddhist activity in a temple in my hometown where I attended first ceremony of going to refuge to the Three Jewels. In April 2015, I joined a Dharma Assembly for Quasi-Lectures. Since then, the wonderful Longquan system has opened its door to me to learn and practice.

Gratitude to Fellow Practitioners

There is a long list of people that I'd like to express my gratitude to. The first one is actually an anonymous lay woman, who sat in front of the Ksitigarbha Hall sharing brochures with tourists, when I organized my colleagues and students to hike in the phoenix mountain around 2008. We simply passed her in front of the temple, but her peaceful face was so impressive that I wished to retreat to the temple when I retired.

The second person to whom I am grateful for is a volunteer who I met in a library in 2013. By then I had visited the temple from time to time, and was already amazed by the changes in me and started envy those who took robes to attend the classes, and eagerly wanted to become a volunteer. She kindly guided me in filling out a form. I added her in Wechat but later on found out that she seldom posted, since it is said she updated her life in the Jile Temple.

The third is the instructor of my first Buddhist group. She seemed very young like a student. I was shocked when she said calmly that she might choose a supermundane life. And so she did.

I am very grateful to the Dharma sister Qu Lin, who was the instructor of my current Wudaokou English group. She was very patient and skillful when it came to helping the new practitioners. For example, in the very beginning she taught me how to play the video for prostration in YY platform. When I got familiar with it, she encouraged me to give online lessons and then supported me in offering instructive courses to our group after our previous lecturer had left. All of these were completed in several months, and I felt that I had greatly accelerated my practice. Soon our group was expanded and she allocated roles and assignments to almost each person. As a result, more and more members have joined the group, and as of today, I believe they all have similar experiences as mine.

The fifth is Dharma brother Jiang Xiaoxu, who helped me a lot in accumulating merit. He asked me to record what the Dharma Master said along with others’ questions and answers, all of which are very helpful for beginners. He is extremely passionate and devoted. By the end of last year, with the independence of the overseas group from the Waiwen group, he showed me a new chance of taking responsibility -- to join the overseas group.

It is my honor to introduce Xu Xiang, my current volunteer leader. In August 2015 when I was asked to take over the North America Group 2, I felt very anxious. The two former lecturers both received a permanent position in the Longquan Temple (guess who they are), while I was just a greenhorn. The first course was to attend a Dharma Assembly in the temple. Unsurprisingly, I was poorly prepared, so Dharma brother Xu Xiang had to take over the course. Although he is quite occupied by his everyday job and leads a busy super mundane life, being the team leader of overseas affairs and arranging online meetings with practitioners from Paris and New York. If you are interested in participating the overseas group, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks  to the organizer of this activity, Dharma brother Song Zhijie, who was my colleague in leading the 2nd North American group. He is a living dictionary when it comes to Buddhism, and he can offer proper answers to all sorts of questions raised by our group members. When he planned to focus on Waiwen group, he recommended another lecturer so that everything could go as smoothly as before.

Gratitude to the Three Jewels

All the merit comes from our Master, from Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. All Buddha show that an enlightened life is possible. And they give guidance through their experience, which is the Dharma. These practices have been preserved and passed down for more than 2000 years unchanged by Dharma masters, which allows us to learn and practice the sublime teaching today. We are here today to witness how a great Venerable Master and the community can promote Buddhism both nationally and internationally. I'd like to dedicate my sincere gratitude to our team, consisting of the teachers, the teachings and the fellow practitioners.


At this special mid-autumn festival, may all of us fulfill the happiness of Dharma.



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