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A Dharma sister shares with us why she follows Shifu.

Though I am skeptical and defiant, I cannot deny, some invisible connection opens me up to Buddhism, leads me across a long way to Shifu and LQ Monastery; I cannot deny, some Karma and universal compassion captivates me into regular Dharma learning through internet, with dharma friends faraway, under the guidance of the same Shifu and monastic community two thousand kilometers away. That is really a miracle. I’d share two personal experiences to dedicate my utmost respect and gratitude, to Shifu, LQ monastic community, and all the companions along the way.

The first experience happened soon after I became a Buddhist.

I joined an online English group to learnThe Great Treatise. One day, our lecturer Xianshao said Lunar July 15th is Ullambana Festival in Buddhism, and it’s a great merit to make offerings to the community on this day. Instantly, I realized this was an opportunity to express my gratitude to Shifu and the monastics. Dharma Sister Xianshao promised to arrange everything for me since I was not in Beijing. She told me the optional ways and asked for my decision. She would like to go to the monastery and go through all the procedures on my behalf on a hot summer noon. Because I didn’t know the bank account of the monastery, she even paid in advance for me. She carefully asked about my studying materials at hand and send me some more on her personal payment! To my thanks, she replied: We are fellow practitioners and we are bound to uphold each other, not only in this life, but in all our lives.I am still studying in the online group. With the support of all the companions, now I have managed to lead YY study sessions, just as what Dharma sister Xianshao did before.

My second experience is with Venerable Master Xianqing’s public class.

Not long before in an open class on LQ forum, Ven. Xianqing raised a question about the Great Compassion: “How can Bodhisattvas make such great vows of saving all sentient beings, though this looks like an impossible mission? ” His interpretation was: The unmeasurable mighty force of the great compassion is not produced or owned by any single living being, but by the “sympathetic vibration” contributed by all sentient beings. If Bodhisattvas succeed in motivating shared aspiration, the sentient beings will get on the path of the same frequency of this vibration, obtain enormous power from it and eventually attain perfection totally on their own. Ven. Xianqing’s talk is enlightening. We are indeed too weak to overcome difficulties alone, but once we join in this mighty force, we are empowered by a strength a million times stronger. In my eyes, LQ team is pushing open a door to this force.

Once someone asked me: ”How does your Master teach you?” I haven’t met Shifu in person so far, not even from a distance; but I genuinely feel, Shifu is always concerning about each and every one of us, through the concise and effective answers on his weibo put up early morning; through the group studying of ancient scriptures carried out by the most modern media, through every support and help from the team members.

Yes, I perceive the Four Great Vows and the Pure Land in Shifu’s serene and warm smile. He has a thousand ears to listen and a thousand hands to help, and I shall follow. 

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