A trip to the Longquan Monastery

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The Longquan Monastery has not only ancient buildings but also modern interiors. It demonstrates an alternative way of life for modern people.

A visit of the Longquan Monastery is what I have been wished for a long time. This summer, I got a chance to fulfill my wish. The Longquan Monastery is so different from all of the other temples I have ever seen. It is neither the one with dazzlingly brilliant and gorgeous palaces, full of commercial elements, nor the one with ruined and ramshackle temples deserted in the village.

From the downtown of Beijing, we drove almost two hours to reach the Longquan Monastery. It is located at the foot of the Phoenix Ridge. I had been shocked by the beauty of this magnificent mountain before we arrived there. As we winded our way along the path through the village towards the temple, I was captured by the air of peace and stillness there. Walking into the Monastery, I was fascinated again by this ancient and venerable temple. The Golden Dragon Bridge of the Liao Dynasty(916-1125) and the towering old gingko tree inside the Monastery tells a more than one thousand years’ history of the ups and downs of the temple. And the ancient buildings and Dagoba add more mysterious color and magic power to the Longquan Monastery.

If the first impression of the Longquan Monastery is the harmonious coexistence of the temple and the nature, then what captures my attention next is its modern interior. The design inside the building is very simple, clean and modern. In addition, there is a library, an information center, a reception department, a translation center, a communication center, an engineering department and other departments. And what’s amazing to me most about this place is that many of the monks here graduated from the leading universities in China. Most Buddhists here hold advanced academic degrees and some even have overseas education background. These excellent people gave up their superior secular life and devoted themselves to the Buddhist practices and Buddhism communication. Leading a high-calibre monk group, Ven. Master Xuecheng, like a CEO in a transnational corporation, utilizes modern techniquesto promote Buddhism to the outside world.

I learned another style of life from this trip to the Longquan Monastery which gives me a deep heartquake.

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