A Letter to the Longquan Monastery

From:Voice of Longquan     Author:Julia Baker     Time:2016-09-16 11:41:07
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A Kadampa Buddhist student paid a visit to the Longquan Monastery,and shared her wonderful feelings with us.

Dear Janet
I had a lovely and enjoyable day yesterday at the Longquan Monasery, my first ever visit. The welcome and hospitality I received, from the moment of my picking up the phone to ask how to get there to the moment of my departing, were truly a wonderful surprise to me. My special heartfelt thanks go to Ven. Wuguang, Mr. Wang Shuo (head of the translation center), and many others who gave me a kind hand here and there.

In London, I have studied Buddhism for about 6 months  at one of the over 1,200 Kadampa Buddhist Centres all over the world, which were set up by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and many of his disciples, followers and students. When I stepped into the Longquan Monastery, I arose a sincere and strong feeling of belonging and refuge to the three Jewels. The large compound and the buzz from the sentient beings of so many presented me with the most magnificent Buddhist community that I have ever come across.  The invisible intimacy among these people, unseen by human eyes, could be vividly felt by human hearts with reflective calmness and compassion. Even the busy construction work on site showered me with a sense of peace, hope and goodness despite the noises and dusts.

I am sure that I will have opportunities for further acquaintances with the Longquan Monastery community in the future. I am very much looking forward to it.

Warmest regards

Julia Baker

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