Diary of my Buddhist practice (I)

From:Voice of Longquan     Author:Cheng Biru     Time:2016-07-10 22:21:34
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A mother tries to oberve merits of her daughter to break the bad habbit of finding faults with others.

Recently my daughter and I fell out a lot over trifling things. I found faults with her all the time. The summer vacation is approaching. I’m actually worrying about being with her at home all day long. Thus I decided to write a diary every day about her merits so as to break my bad habit of finding faults with others. I know it’s hard for me to observe her merits, but I want to give it a try, starting from today.

Diary of my Buddhist practice-20160620
Today my daughter cooked dinner for us because I had to supervise students’ examination from 4-6pm. When I arrived home at 6:30pm, I was exhausted and wet all over with rain and sweat. She had already finished two dishes. One was the steamed eggplant seasoned with sesame soy; the other was the fried Chinese cabbage and carrot. Both dishes were tasty and I enjoyed them very much. Thank you my dear daughter. Thank you for sharing the housework with me and cooking the dinner for us, otherwise I would spend a lot of time preparing it, and had no time taking a rest.

Diary of my Buddhist practice -20160621
I went out to attend a lecture today. I told my daughter to prepare dinner again. It was nearly 5pm when the lecture was over. I met several Dharma companions there. They suggested we have dinner together since we hadn't met each other for a long time. So I called my daughter not to prepare my meal. In fact I was a little nervous when I called. I was surprised when she agreed quickly. When I came back home three hours later, she told me that she was scalded when cooking. She burnt the left hand wrist on a red-hot pan. It already started to blister. But she stayed calm, and did not complain. She made big progress, becoming more brave and tolerant.

Diary of my Buddhist practice -20160622
My daughter helped me a lot today. First she helped grading parts of the test papers. The test was done a week ago, but I haven’t started marking students’ paper yet. She marked the-single-and-multiple-choice questions for me which took up almost half of the grades. I will do the-free-response questions when I have time. She really helped reduce my heavy workload. Near noon, she saw me still working in front of the computer so she cooked lunch for me. She told me that she would support me in housework when I had translations to do. I replied her that she would earn her merits by cooking meals and thus sparing me more time for work. Later she also cooked the dinner. I should give her more encouragement.


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