A different Children's Day

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A different Children’s Day we whole family spent in the Longquan Monastery.

Children’s Day, a particular festival for every child, is most liked and expected by boys and girls. Have you ever imagined how interesting it would be, if on the Children’s Day you could be in the scenic Longquan Monastery and accompanied by the adorable and intelligent Robot Xian’er?
As luck would have it, for which I was grateful, I took part in the yearly Children’s International Animation Festival on Jun. 1st organized by Longquan Monastery. Since the day of applying, my daughter, Little Ding asked me about it several times a day,  “Mum, have we been accepted?” She asked and asked as if she could not wait any longer… (Now you can see how attractive Robot Xian’er is to children!) Pretending to be calm, I could only tell her, “We have not been informed yet, and please wait patiently.” Actually, I was not sure whether we could be accepted, because there were too many applying families.
After waiting anxiously for several days, the exciting moment came finally. On one Friday we received a message from a volunteer of the Monastery, telling us to participate in the festival activities. We were so excited that we would broadcast the message with a loudspeaker. I could go to the Monastery again. Not only could I see Xian’er, but also I could probably meet Venerable Master. I felt very excited.
At 8:20 am, Sunday, our family drove to the Monastery early. There already had been many children and their parents patiently waiting to be grouped in the West Yard. Though there were a lot of people, everything went in an orderly manner due to many warm-hearted and patient guiding volunteers.   
At 9:30 am, the premiere of "Honesty is the Best Policy" began on time in the classical and solemn San’hui (literally "three wisdoms") Hall which was first put into use. All seats were occupied and it was quiet and orderly in that hall. Again I felt deeply grateful to the many volunteers for their selfless devotion! The movie was humorous and interesting. It simply but profoundly showed how terrible the lying could be through a little story happening in the Bu’er (literally "non-duality") Monastery. The compassionate and wise Shifu, the honest and warm-hearted Xian’er, the adorable and lovely donkey, the Wrath who was the head of the gang, and others in the play must have made a deep impression on children. The Bodhi seeds of honesty and gratitude have been sowed in their little hearts! Following the movie, a little boy and two little girls sang a song affectionately, “Mum, you have given me a warm home. Dad, a man who is indispensable to the family…” With the song, mums and dads in the audience marveled at the performance and burst into tears.

At 11:00 am, the parent-child activity started. First, about 500 people took a group photo with Venerable Master and other monastics. The scene was spectacular. It was the first time for me to take a photo with so many people, and particularly, with Venerable Master! (In my heart, Venerable Master is a Buddha!) I was in excitement again! And I noticed that there were tears in some mums’ eyes again… Then we began to make clay figurines of Xian’er. After a while, various adorable Xian’ers magically appeared in the children’s hands. There were happy Xian’er, Xian’er in a frown, Xian’er absorbed in thought, and Xian’er in a trance, and so on… After that, we took a photo with the clay figurines of Wrath and Xian’er and made prints of Xian’er. Oh, my stomach rumbled; it was time to have lunch!
At 12:00 pm, the parent-child lunch began. Little Ding enjoyed the delicious vegetarian food and finished them in silence. After the lunch, she concluded that it was yummy and rich in variety.
It was the first time for Little Ding’s father, my husband, to go to the Monastery. He wandered around the Monastery by himself. He happened to come across the scripture scriptorium and copied down the text of the Heart Sutra once, which surprised me. It seemed that he gained a lot from the tour.

Before leaving for home, I asked Little Ding, “Will you come next year?” “Of course I will” was the quick reply I received.

Boys and girls, would you like to spend a meaningful and different Children’s Day with Xian’er? Don’t forget to go to the Longquan Monastery on Jun. 1st next year! Xian’er is there waiting for you!



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