The 10th multi-lingual exchange meeting was held in Beijing Longquan Monastery

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Longquan Monastery. More than 100 people participated, including distinguished guests from all walks of life, teachers, interpreters, students and volunteers, who are skilled in either of the following languages: Dutch, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Russian.

On April 21st, the 10th   multi-lingual exchange meeting was solemnly held in Beijing Longquan Monastery. More than 100 people participated, including distinguished guests from all walks of life, teachers, interpreters, students and volunteers, who are skilled in either of the following languages: Dutch, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Russian. Also present at the meeting are:

Miss Yan Suli, secretary of the board of directors of Transhen IOL Technology Co. Ltd, 

Doctor on artificial intelligence Lv Qinghui, CEO of Beijing Zhenyi Wisdom Technology Co. Ltd. 

Professor Pu Junwen,   Ph.D. supervisor of Beijing Forestry University. 

Miss ORYSHICH KLAVDIA, specialist on Russian education from Beijing Union University.

Mr. Daan F. Oostveen, doctor-degree student in two universities, 1. the department of religions of Vrije University Amsterdam, 2. The department of philosophy of Beijing people’s university.   

Venerable master Wuguang, supervisor and secretary of Beijing Longquan monastery, director of translation center, 

Venerable master Xianqing, director of the education department, the execute director of international promotion of Buddhism, vice director of translation center, 

and Venerable master Xianren. 

The time happens to be near the birth day of Venerabal master Xuanzang, (April 24th, 602, the nineth day of the third month of Chinese lunar calendar), one of the greatest translators in the translation history of buddhist scriptures. The first program was watching a self-composed drama named <Venerable Master Xuanzang>, recorded by translation center. In the opening ceremony, Ven. Master Xianqing reviewed the various multi-lingual meetings held in Beijing Longquan Monastery, which are more than 10 in number, since 2010. He  also explained the growth of the translation center, starting from microblog of Ven. Master Xuecheng, to the present scale of 18 language trantion teams, running 17 languages. Ven. Master Xianqing pointed out: word itself is prajna, and all the religions, through the language and words, will finally reture to  the heart. Thus the world  will be a harmonius one. Doing translation is also a process of buddhism hearing, contemplation, practice and achiving enlightment. It is a very good way of practice. 
Translation practice in Portugese and Dutch  is the main part of this activity. Other rich and colourful subjects for sharing are: the choice of buddhism terms, man-machine co-translation,  research on the organization of present translation centers etc.. parallel sessions on French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese and Mongolian were also established to discuss on the translation, proof-reading of Buddhist terms. 
Miss Yan Suli from Transn IOL Technology Co., Ltd.shared her rich experiences in translation and her feelings in the undertaking of buddhism translation. She also made expectations on the prospect of merging  the modern means such as AI, big data into  Buddhism international promotion. The volunteers from multi-lingual microblog team of Ven. Xuecheng made an introduction on the programme of buddhism term bank. The volunteers from Portuguese and Dutch teams told their stories and shared their gainings in their undertaking. Besides, volunteers from English, Russian, Indonesian group also made excellent speeches on their job of term choosing, management and practice of translation teams, translation of heart, and translation on books. Volunteers, old and new, and the students were active on the meeting. affirmative progress were made  on the analysis of works, on the organization of special terms, proof-reading, under the guidance of the specialists present. 
On the closing ceremony, the distinguished guests made affirmative commentaries on the richness, expertise and the ability and professional qualities of the interpreters and translators in the translation center. Students representative expressed that not only the language is involved, but also the power of life enhancing are experienced in the activity. A representative of blind students from Beijing Union University brought the fruit of their translation to the scene, one Braille Edition of < SUTRA OF THE PAST VOWS OF  EARTH STORE BODHISATTVA > they also shared their heart-moving experiences during the translation. 
In his summary speech, Ven. Master Wuguang mentioned the coming birthday of the great translator Ven. Master Xuanzang, and reviewed the moving deeds of the great master: a west-wards journey of 50000 li, keeping on studying the scriptures for 17years, translating scriptures incessantly with his writing brush for 19 years without stopping, and finally with 75 works translated.  The master said, Mr. Luxun used to praise Ven. Master Xuanzang as the backbone of the Chinese nation. The thought and spirit of Ven. Master Xuanzang has bcome the common property of of the Chinese people, of the Asians, even of the people of the world. One thousand years ago, Ven. Master Xuanzang made the ratnas of buddhism benefit our Chinese nation. Today ven. monk Xuecheng has made his Mahaggata citta and great vows to let the essence of the traditional Chinese culture benefit the whole human being. Everybody, who takes part in the cause of Buddhist scripture translation, is like a light. If all of us has lighted up the lamp in our heart,  and exerting the prajna, mercy and compassion in our heart, we will have a brighter world. Ven. Master Wuguang also did QA with the students present. 
Under the guidance of ven. monk Xuecheng ,Beijing Longquan Monastery has been searching for a way to inherit and renovate the Buddhism in the new era, and the translation center has been trying and making breaking-throughs in multi-lingual translation and Buddhism international promotion, which is really a embodyment of the responsibilities and bearing of the Chinese Buddhism towards to the present world. Recently, Ven. monk Xuecheng, who is the president of Chinese Buddhism Association and the abbot of Beijing Longquan Monastery made a keynote speech entitled ''the rebirth of human civilization and the world-wide responsibility of Buddhism''when he was honoured with a title of honorary doctorate of literature of Nan Tien Institute of Australia, wherein  he pointed out, the civilization of heart put forward by Buddha, Confucius, Laozi and the other oriental saints and sages, has never regarded the maximized satisfaction of material desire and the maximized accumulation of knowledge as the target of human civilization. Rather the  maximized reflection and development of enlightment on the inner nature are considered as the supreme goal of civilization, as the fundamental guarantee of peace. In the 21 century of today, we should also take the inheritance of the 'heart dharma', the structure of 'heart civilization' as our immitation and respect to the saints. It is hoped that everybody could use enlightment to light themselves, to light the world, and let the light of human civilization to shine in the universe, and never let it extinct.

The translation center, who has already experienced 7 years on the bodhi road, now is trying tirelessly to fulfill the mission of spreading heart culture and structuring the heart civilization through training the tallented personnels on translation, translation on books and their publications and spreading on the internet. Hundreds of translators, volunteers from tens of countries are able to do the translations of more than ten languages. They joint their hands in the multi-lingual translation and publication on various Buddhist books for enlightment. They made their sounds  to the public through the microblog of Ven. monk Xuecheng, LQI wechat public account of longquan international, as well as six longquan voices. the way of translation so hard, what accompany with us is the prajna.The 10th multilingual meeting marks the gathering  of good connection, kind heart, merciful actions of talented translators from all walks of life. We believe more and more people who are able to use different languages will join us  to spread the excellent tranditional culture of China, participate actively in the structure of the heart civilizition, and pour in peaceful and harmonious energy in the globalization of today. 

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