Professor Braak visited Beijing Longquan Monastery

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On December 9th and 10th, Professor André van der Braak from VU University Amsterdam visited Beijing Longquan Monastery and give lectures about compassion and meditation.

On December 9th, Professor André van der Braak from VU University Amsterdam visited Beijing Longquan Monastery and gave a lecture entitled “Compassion in the East and West” in the Sanhui Hall. The lecture attracted almost a hundred audiences, including the English class of Longquan Sangha and all the students from the class of the English Dharma teachers of Longquan Monastery.

Professor Braak first pointed out that we need compassion to create a shared future for mankind, which has been talked a lot by President Xi Jinping lately. Then he compared the difference in the definition of compassion in the western culture and in Mahayana Buddhism in the eastern culture. In the west, compassion means sharing and feeling the suffering of other people, while in Buddhism it means to put an end to people’s suffering.

Later on, Professor Braak emphasized that compassion and wisdom always have to go hand in hand in Mahayana Buddhism, like the two wings of a bird. Then he introduced three kinds of wisdoms we should develop in Buddhism, that is, the wisdoms of suffering, impermanence and no-self. After that, he introduced several stages to cultivate compassion, and talked about the difference between compassion and great compassion. 

On December 10th, Professor Braak gave a lecture to the English class of Longquan Sangha. He first introduced western people’s attitude towards Buddhism and proposed two ways to carry forward Buddhist teachings in western countries. One is to emphasize the social relevance of Buddhism and the other is to give instructions for the practice of meditation. As an identified chan master of the Mahakaruna Chan Community, Professor Braak is well-experienced in meditation and introduced three popular meditation methods, including Samatha, Vipasyana and silent illumination chan. Afterwards, he practiced meditation with the monks together and then answered their questions.

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