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“A Roaming AI Xian'er, the Robot Monk” authorized by Beijing Longquan Monastery and published by Zhanlu Culture is a very interesting popular science book of Artificial Intelligence (AI).


“A Roaming AI Xian'er, the Robot Monk” authorized by Beijing Longquan Monastery and published by Zhanlu Culture is a very interesting popular science book of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

1. About the author                                                                

Yang Piaoyu: A lay Buddhist practitioner at Longquan Monastery, famous media person and planner, chief planning inspector of the NGO “Jingyuzhejiayuan (Homeland of Silent Speakers) Public Service Center” for adults with autism, partner of Beijing Zhengfangxiang (Positive Direction) Culture Media Ltd.

Liu Huwei: Writer, researcher of history and traditional culture.

Yang Piaowei: Doctor of Philosophy, assistant researcher of the School of Marxism in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. 

2. About the book                                                                  

“What should I do about my nagging mother?” “For an elder person, this happens. Be tolerant.” This is the answer given by Xian’er, the Robot Monk. How does Xian’er, the Robot Monk ─  who can chant sutras, understand Buddhist philosophy, loves eating ice cream, speaks words of Chan every now and then, is adorable and cute physically but full of Buddhist wisdom ─ come into being? Why did the robot put on a robe and become a monk? Why did Longquan Monastery, the “Geek Temple,” get involved in AI? How did traditional Buddhism get together with modern technology? The book “A Roaming AI Xian'er, the Robot Monk” will tell us the story of the Robot Monk behind the scenes, interpreting the history of the development of AI from the perspective of this adorable Robot Monk and exploring the present and future of AI. 

3. Recommendation from the editor                                  

“A Roaming AI Xian'er, the Robot Monk”: this book reveals the process of creating Xian’er, the Robot Monk, telling the story of how, with combined initiative, Longquan Monastery worked together with various pioneers of AI in China to rapidly develop the real Robot Monk from a mere concept. With the wisdom-bearing cartoons of Xian’er, the little monk, this book will give readers a taste of the excellence of contemporary Buddhism. 

4. Praise from Ven. Master Xuecheng                                  

Ven. Master Xuecheng says that science and technology in themselves are neither good nor bad, they are neutral. It is the human heart that bears the characteristics of good or bad. With a kind and beautiful heart, even a very simple skill can be used to help people; with evil thoughts, however advanced the technology is, it can only be used to create harm and damage. As Buddhists, we should not reject science, but embrace it. We need to learn to take advantage of scientific methods and achievements to help accomplish more things that are beneficial to others. We have the ability to go beyond the duality, the conflicts and the contradictions between the spiritual world and the physical world.

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