Volunteers from Ren Ai Songzhuang Village Porridge Stand visited an elder

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The elder never forget to devote love and care to others when facing all adversity in his own life

Jul.21st,2018【Ren Ai Charity】 With greetings and concern, volunteers from Ren Ai Songzhuang Village Porridge Stand recently visited an elder who made his living  by collecting secondhand goods. Last month,the elder donated two bags of rice. He told the volunteers people should live with kindness and gratitude, although a bowl of porridge seems very common on the dinner table for each family, it represents the warmth of our heart. He also encouraged the volunteers to continue with their charitable efforts. Suffering from difficulty in walking, the elder has been taking care of his paralyzed wife for nineteen years, and never forget to devote love and care to others when facing all adversity in his own life.

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