Masters from Tripitaka Office visited Sennyuji Temple in Kyoto

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Masters from Tripitaka Office of Beijing Longquan Monastery visited Sennyuji Temple in Kyoto, exchanged views on the study of precepts, and discussed advancement in technology.

July.6th, 2018【Longquan Update】Ven. Xianchao, Xianshi, Xianqu, and Xianji, among others, from the Tripitaka Office of Beijing Longquan Monastery recently visited the Sennyuji Temple in Kyoto, Japan. They exchanged views on the study of precepts with Isao Nishitani, who is in charge of Xinzhao Hall of the Sennyuji Temple, Yuka Otani, Akiya Murakami and Wei Yi from Ryukoku University and Eirei Yoshida from Guanyin Zen Monastery in Shiga-ken County, among other scholars, They also discussed advancement in technology such as automatic punctuation, OCR (Optical Character Recognition). As an important temple of the School of Vinaya in the history of Japan, the Sennyuji Temple homes a collection of portraits of Vinaya Masters Daoxuan and Yuanzhao, which were brought to Japan by Ven. Junreng from China.

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