Longquan Monastery’s New Precept Class One and Novice Monks Class Three recently visited Lingguang Temple

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They were led by Class Instructors Ven. Xianqing and Ven. Xianhan to worship the Relic of the tooth of Buddha and chanted the “Prayer with Reverence to the Buddha’s Tooth Relic”

June 23rd, 2018 【Activities of Longquan】Led by Class Instructors Ven. Xianqing and Ven. Xianhan, Longquan Monastery’s New Precept Class One and Novice Monks Class Three recently visited Lingguang Temple in Badachu Park to worship the Relic of the tooth of Buddha and chanted the “Prayer with Reverence to the Buddha’s Tooth Relic”. The tooth relic is the true relic of the Buddha, and the most precious for Buddhists all over the world, a cultural treasure of the Chinese nation. Worshiping the Buddha’s tooth relic is like seeing the Buddha himself, and brings blessings from the Buddha and fills the hearts of visitors with peace and harmony.



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