The Beijing Ren Ai Charity Foundation volunteers came to the construction site on the Labor’s Day

From:Voice of Longquan     Author:Voice of Longquan     Time:2018-05-16 15:45:14
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On May 1st, over thirty Ren Ai volunteers came to visit the construction workers of Beijing Urban Construction Group, offered congees and breakfast, books and gratitude.

May 16th,2018【Ren Ai Charity】On May 1st, the Labor’s Day, over thirty volunteers from Beitaipingzhuang Stand of Beijing Ren Ai Charity Foundation came to the 02 Project Department of Subway Line 19 of Beijing Urban Construction Group. The volunteers offered congees and breakfast to construction workers, and took a tour of the site. After that, they gave out some books written by the volunteers and watched real-time surveillance videos of the site. At last they felt so grateful to the contribution workers because such hard of the construction work.

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