U.S. Sinologist Marwyn Samuels and wife Ms. Man Li back to Beijing Longquan Monastery as a second visit

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U.S. Sinologist Marwyn Samuels and wife Ms. Man Li back to Beijing Longquan Monastery as a second visit.

On September 25, Ven. Xianqing met Professor Marwyn Samuels and wife Ms. Man Li at Beijing Longquan Monastery. Being a professor-emeritus at Syracuse University, Mr. Samuels is a well-known sinologist specializing in China studies and culture integration between East and West. While Ms. Man Li, his wife, has committed to the internationalization of Chinese charity and practical research in expanding presence of Chinese science and technology on global stage. 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuels first visited Beijing Ren Ai Charity Foundation and watched the 5th anniversary video of the Foundation. Afterwards, the couple and Ven. Xianqing had an in-depth talk on preserving and boosting the heritage of Chinese traditional culture. 

Ven. Xianqing referred to the distinct role of monasteries in the heritage and innovation of Chinese traditions. As he said, monks at Beijing Longquan Monastery, on one hand, keep a unique monastic life of Chinese Buddhism, which places equal importance on labor work and Dharma practice and does morning/evening service everyday; on the other hand, they utilize the cutting-edge technology to create the Robot Xian’er, who are widely accepted and becomes more and more popular domestically and internationally. In the aspect of education, Ven. Master Xuecheng (Abbot of the Monastery) has taken a new and efficient approach in cultivating high-calibre monks through the combination of the monastic mentorship and the modern academic scholarship. 

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