The United Association of Chunghua Humanistic Buddhism visits Longquan Monastery

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A delegation of more than 180 people from the United Association of Humanistic Buddhism, Chunghua arrived at Beijing Longquan Monastery in the morning of September 6. Led by Master Xuecheng, the Sangha and laypeople received the delegation at the gate of the monastery. 

Hosted by Master Xuecheng, the delegation moved to Jianxing Hall for sutra chanting and praying for bliss. After that, a symposium themed “Monastic Management and Contemporary Dharma Dissemination” was held at Sanhui Hall.

Master Xuecheng delivered a speech, pointing out that “today is a very good start, as the old saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. With such a good start and through the concerted efforts of Buddhist followers in both mainland and Taiwan, Buddhism is bound to have a bright and glorious future across the strait.” Master Xuecheng also shared the experience of managing the Sangha and laypeople at Longquan Monastery. The symposium was then addressed by representatives from the United Association, including Master Hui Chuan, Master Ming Kuang, Master Jing Yao, and Prof. Chang Yia-chun. The symposium was presided over by Master Puzheng representing the Buddhist Assciation of China.


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