LQ Translation Center holds a workshop for English translators

From:Voice of Longquan     Author:Cheng Xi     Time:2016-08-16 15:30:45
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A three-day workshop for English translators of the Translation Center was held at Beijing Longquan Monastery yesterday morning.

A three-day workshop for English translators of the Translation Center was held at Beijing Longquan Monastery yesterday morning. Ven. Master Xuecheng took a group photo with the participants. At the opening ceremony, Ven. Xianqing delivered a welcoming address, representatives of the teams gave brief introductions on the major translation works accomplished this year, and the guests and representatives made keynote speeches. Ven. Wuguang delivered a concluding remark at the end of the ceremony and encouraged everyone to stick to their aspiration, cherish the opportunity and unleash their inner potentials through the professional communication.

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