Longquan Monastery’s novice monk class visited Fangshan Stone Sutra

From:Voice of Longquan      Author:Cheng Xi     Time:2015-12-21 23:56:33
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The novice monk class of the Longquan Monastery’s Sangha recently visited the Stone Carving Buddhist Tripitaka located in Beijing Fangshan Yunju Temple.

The Stone Carving Buddhist Tripitaka (Fangshan Stone Sutra), located in Beijing Fangshan Yunju Temple, is a treasure where stone carving are kept from Sui Dynasty to the end of Ming Dynasty for more than a thousand years. It is not only an important resource to study ancient Chinese culture, arts, especially the history and classics of Buddhism, but also a treasure of the World Cultural Heritage. The novice monk class of the Sangha visited Fangshan Stone Sutra recently to learn how the ancient classics were produced, preserved, and promoted.

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