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From:Voice of Longquan     Author:Cheng Xi     Time:2015-05-05 20:14:15
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A song named Thanks for your company was composed by the Longquan Monastery Sangha and Laypeople, and taken recording recently at the Beijing Bysong Studio.

Volunteers from the Longquan Monastery Publicity Department came to Beijing Bysong Studio recently and recorded a song named Thanks for your company, which was composed by the monastery Sangha and Laypeople. This recording was strongly supported by the famous music producer Zheng Junsheng and his team; Wang Xupeng, Basso Profundo of China National Opera House; Wang Chao, a famous musician; and Li Wei, a music instructor as well as a lay Buddhist, and etc.. The Longquan Animation Production Center will continue to create more and more original music works, and artistically promote the traditional culture and transmit the positive energy.






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