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Chapter eight: Engaging in social charity, serving living being

Master Xuecheng points out that monks and nuns of the new century should engage in "protecting the spiritual environment", taking on responsibilities of glorifying the country, benefiting sentient beings, and building a "Pure Land in the Human Realm".

30th Anniversary of the Recovery of the Buddha’s Finger Relic Blessing China with Boundless Power ...

On the morning of Nov 23rd, 2017, the “30th Anniversary Celebration of the Recovery of Buddha’s Finger Relic --- Illuminating the Past and the Present” was held at Famen Temple in Baoji. The event aims to show gratitude for the great merits of the Buddha, expound the perfect Dharma taught by the Buddha, adhere to the principle of Sinicization in religious development, advocate outstanding Buddhist culture, and improve global Buddhist exchanges. >more

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