The monastery

Longquan Monastery is located at the foot of the Phoenix Ridge, a magnificent mountain range in western Beijing with layers of steep peaks overlooking its downtown region. First built in the early Yingli years of the Liao Dynasty in 957, with a history spanning over 1,000 years, this sacred temple has undergone myriad changes and transformations since its conception. Its history mirrors the ups and downs of China’s extensive history.

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  • Insight

    A dharma brother in editing team of Longquan Monastery’s English website shared feelings about the group during their ...

  • On water

    The article tells about the merits of water, and the author gained inspiration from water.

  • Three Jewels take me home

    Many changes occurred in my personality after I took refuge in the Three Jewels

  • Thanks to a special Dharma sister

    Stories about an important Dharma sister who helped me get through difficulties in my life and accompanied me to an enl...

  • Thanks to the Three Jewels

    A piece of tragic news gives me a chance to have an insight of Dharma. Do you have the same questions with the little g...

  • Turn the corner of life

    A Dharma sister expressed her gratitude to fellow practitioners and to the Three Jewels.

  • I shall follow

    A Dharma sister shares with us why she follows Shifu.

  • Stories about my Buddist practice

    A Dharma brother shared vivid stories about his Buddhist practice.

  • The teacher’s heart illuminates mine

    A poem in praise of Ven. Master Xuecheng.

  • A trip to the Longquan Monastery

    The Longquan Monastery has not only ancient buildings but also modern interiors. It demonstrates an alternative way of ...

  • A Letter to the Longquan Monastery

    A Kadampa Buddhist student paid a visit to the Longquan Monastery,and shared her wonderful feelings with us.

  • Diary of my Buddhist practice (II)

    A mother tries to oberve merits of her daughter to break the bad habbit of finding faults with others.

  • Diary of my Buddhist practice (I)

    A mother tries to oberve merits of her daughter to break the bad habbit of finding faults with others.

  • Inspiration from the Suffering and Happ...

    According to the second chapter of The Suffering and Happiness of Life, there are different kinds of sages and ordinary...

  • A different Children's Day

    A different Children’s Day we whole family spent in the Longquan Monastery.

  • The beautiful girl

    A beautiful girl offering a help hand at my company set a real-life example of being mindful for me.

  • Dragon Spring Monastery

    Visiting such a proactive community and being able to participate in monastic life, such as joining other laity and ord...

  • Here at Longquan

    What have I learned here at Longquan? Persimmons are messy fruit. Friendships abound when generosity is around. Team wo...

  • Peace of mind

    Longquan Monastery is an oasis of peace, beauty and tranquility. With historic remnants of more than a millennium, Long...

  • Many first times

    It was a very interesting experience sharing last two days with the people of Longquan Monastery. During the last weeke...

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